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Thread: Nitrite levels

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    Nitrite levels

    I have been using Exakt idip up until recently, and with both Ammonia and Nitrite LR, the results have been consistently LO. This week i used a Hanna photometer 83303K, which i was able to borrow ( it is very new).
    Nitrite LR N02(-) is showing 288 ug/L ,
    Ammonia NH4(+) 0.11
    Nitrate 4.3 mg/L , and
    PH 8.3,
    Alkalinity CAC03 197 mg/L
    Oxygen 6.8 mg/L
    Chlorine (Total) 0.01 mg/L
    Chlorine Free 0.11 mg/L

    The drum combi filter has been running for about 8 months,2 x bottom. drains, and surface skimmer pond is 23300 Litres , and i have 6 koi - 1 85cm, 3 45 cm 2 23cm .

    Fish seem fine but i got spooked with the change in parameters after using the Hanna. Any advice would be appreciated ?

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    I recently experienced a slight nitrite spike in the pond. Did my usual small water change and cut back the food by around 50% for a few days. It's now back at zero, using an API test kit.

    Cutting out food altogether, unless levels are extremely high is not the best idea, as the filter bacteria needs to be fed.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
    Some koi



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