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    Koi Feeding Issues

    Hi All,

    I've noticed over the last 2 days that my Koi aren't eating the usual food I've been feeding them for about a year now.

    They have been happily feeding on MediKoi Probiotic, but for some reason all the Koi, expect for one, take the food but spit it out.

    All the koi are coming up to eat when I drop the food in, but keep spitting it out.

    At the moment they are eating the algae around the pond.

    You'll see in my post yesterday I've started a treatment with NT Labs Anti-Parasite and Fungus, more as a precaution as I've added some new fish to the pond.

    Any advice would be great.



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    Some of my fish were doing the same at the weekend and was due to gill flukes.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
    Some koi

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    Agree - classic signs of flukes - get some scraps done and get fluke treatment ready - otherwise it will get worse as the multiply fast as temp heats up. Best to control flukes before summer so you get a good feeding season



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