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    is this white spot? need help to identify for sure

    so i added a new fish first 1 in 4 years. had no parasite issues for around 8 years.
    all my 'old fish' suddenly become listless.
    decided tonight a scrape was in order as i have no idea whats going on. have seen no evidence of flashing but its just not right.
    found a few flukes on the new fish which is the only 1 happily active all the time, but what i'm thinking look scary is a possible whitespot.
    will try and upload a video of said beastie as i need some other opinions as i've not come across this before


    many thanks if you've got this far in reading this,

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    I'm not finding it easy to identify from that clip but I think it looks more like Trichodena. There is also something much smaller further up on the image and over to the left.
    Maybe worth another scrape and see if you can get a clearer image.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
    Some koi

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    I think it looks more like whitespot than anything else I've seen, but couldn't give 100% certainty. What magnification is the video?

    Have a close look at the Koi's fins, especially on any black fins as white spot normally visible with naked eye in those locations.

    Don't forget if it is male there may be white tubercles on the front of the Pec fins and gill covers, so account for that when looking.

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    Thank you for your replies .
    I sent the clip to a local dealer who said i looked very like whitespot, my rather lovely daughter went after work today to pick up the meds and they are now in the pond, lots of air going in. added the meds over the course of the hour as directed and all seems well so far.
    finges crossed this will begin to resolve the issue

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