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    New to having Kois and need some advice

    Good afternoon all,

    I'm new to having kois and one of mine seems to have lost some scales on his head, which I'm worried about and just seeking advice. He still seems very active and not changed in his behaviour and is still eating. I'm not sure if he has just hit his head and lost his scales, but I've tried to take some photos and hoping someone can help advise me. Many thanks for your time.


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    Does look like its bumped its head, I would keep an eye on it for now. You could sedate and clean/seal the wound although from what I can see it doesn't look too deep so may be fine to recover on its own as long as the pond is warm and healthy. Have you noticed fish rubbing or jumping at all? There may be an underlying issue like water quality or parasites that made it jump and bump its head in the first place.

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    Looks like it has jumped and bashed it's head.

    If water is good it should heal without intervention, can take ages though.

    One of mine had a much worse injury, sliced off a flap of skin about 3mm deep and 20mm across. I didn't do anything and it healed by itself, took about 2 years mind, then the same fish injured its head again and took another year to heal!

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