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Thread: Koi open wound

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    Koi open wound

    Iím new to the world of koi keeping and hope one of you could help.

    weíve just moved the fish to a new heated pond and have lost 2 over the last couple of months to what appeared to be mouth rot.

    The water samples are all within parameters (nitrate was a little high but is now normal after cutting down on feeding).

    However, today Iíve noticed an open wound on another koi. It jumped out of the pond about 3 weeks ago, whilst we were in the process of transferring to the new pond. Didnít seem too bothered at the time and kept an eye on her and no obvious injuries. About a week or so ago I noticed a raised line near the tail but looked to be under the skin. Today she was acting unusually subdued and an open wound/ulcer has appeared where the line was. It looks like something has torn a lump out of her rather than a rot.

    Iíve attached a photo in the hope somebody could offer guidance on how best to treat it.

    Thank you

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    Now with photo
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Where are you based ?

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    Hi Graeme, I’m in Reading area.

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    I would say salt bath and if your water is good it will heal on it's own as the water temps will mean it's immune system should be up and running- looks like it's caught itself of something have you got pipes - jubilee clips ect in the pond if so need to wrap them in electric tape. If not could a heron have been involved looks like a stab wound. You can clean the area with a cotton and some malachite green and believe it or not sudocrem

    Keep the water good and the fish will heal - watch out for algae growing on the wound or bacteria / fungus


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    Quote Originally Posted by Allikoi View Post
    Hi Graeme, Iím in Reading area.
    Sorry I missed your reply.

    I use Bryony at London Acquatic Vets for any fish problems I have.

    Based in West London , so might travel to Reading, worth contacting her.

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