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    Exclamation malachite green and acriflavine

    Im looking to use some acriflavine to treat a bacteria infection. Ive heard this can also be used with malachite green but what is the dosage??

    Do i simply do a full dose per product as it states on each bottle or will this be to strong with having 2 different chemicals in the water

    Thank you

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    I'm sure some people reported fish losses in recent times when using Acrflavine. Sorry, can't remember the details, but I think it was using it too quickly after having used another treatment and perhaps not carry out water changes.
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    I've used that combo before and used a full dose of each (at the same time) no problem.

    However, you might want to think twice about using it.

    If you search through this forum (search for Alparex, which is Colombo's version of this combination) you will find a few instances where people have killed most or all of their fish as a result of using it.

    There has been debate about why exactly their fish reacted so badly, given that some people (me included) use it with no problems.

    If you do still choose to use it, one key thing to check is that your kh levels are at least 5 or 6.

    I understand it's quite acidic so a good kh level should prevent a pH crash. But some people have had their fish die even when their kh was good. So there's still an element of risk.

    One problem of using it is it turns the water luminous green, so it can be difficult to monitor the fish for signs of distress once the chemicals have been chucked in.

    Good luck, if you do decide to use it.

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    It is a significant risk if it’s following a Flubenol based treatment I believe
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    Thanks for the replies. I have not used Flubenol and ph and kh levels are spot on. Will give it a try i think then as i dont have much choice right now. Some fish are startgin to become quite bad.

    Thank you



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