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    Is this normal? (Protruding vent)

    Hi all,

    I知 not very experienced with koi, I知 a bit better with actual ponds now that we are around half way through building our pond after scouring this forum for months (though other half definitely more so than me haha) so I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight on the below.

    My brothers FIL has kept koi for a few years now and as he was doing some pond upkeep he decided to have a closer look at a few of the newer fish. He noticed one was looking particularly plumper than usual (feeds 2-3 times per day in small amounts so don稚 think it痴 over feeding) and bagged it to have a closer look. He said the belly is fairly soft, not very squishy but definitely not firm by any means and uniform on both sides, but noticed that the vent on the fish looked rather swollen/pronounced. Has anyone seen anything like this/is it normal? Is this to do with the fishes sex?



    Fish is apparently otherwise acting very normal- water parameters have been as they should and steady.

    I致e basically relayed this message so if I知 missing any information that could help do let me know, any help is gratefully received!



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    Maybe it痴 released some eggs? Assuming it痴 female of course.



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