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Thread: Disease help

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    Disease help

    Hi all, a few of my koi started flashing and jumping a couple of weeks back, at the same time my biggest koi developed a white patch that is at times bit red and swollen. I've tried the blagdon all in one treatment for parasites, fungus & bacteria twice, it helps but the patches keep coming back and new ones are appearing, how best should I treat this koi next?

    It was recently in a temporary small pond whilst I build my new bigger pond and suspect that's when it started through stress.

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    Hi mate for us to help the best we can we need to know the following

    Pond size
    Stocking levels
    Water tests ph kh ammoia ect
    And maintenance. Do you do water changes do you use some thing to remove chlorine

    Have you any photos of the fish please.
    I know it's a lot for questions but they are really needed to get to the bottom of this. Cheers

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    Hi, no worries.

    Pond is a 4000litre rectangle, 3.5ft at deepest.
    1 koi 12inch, 6 koi 6-8 inches, couple of goldfish.
    15000 litre pressure filter with 18w UV cleaned twice weekly.
    Yes I do water changes once a week and use blagdon fresh start chlorine remover.

    Latest tests, ammonia 0, PH 8.0, KH 10-15, nitrate 5-10, nitrite 0.

    Photo attached
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    I would suggest getting water testing kits for PH / Ammonia / Nitrite / Nitrate as these water parameters are key to good fish health - to be fair I don't think pressure filters and Koi mix as the manufactures don't recommend them for koi. The UV will give you clear water, but clear water isn't always a sign of good water quality. I would start with basics like the tests then maybe look to add a shower filter so that the pressure filter is for mechanical and the shower is for bio. The shower will also help with ammonia reduction gassing it off. As you are pump fed to filter you may need to add some filter floss in the top of the shower to help catch the bits that the pump shred up and the pressure filter may find hard to catch. Sodium thiosulfate or ST as we know it can be bought cheaply off ebay if you are doing large water changes if you aren't using a three stage filter unit. I would suggest salt baths for the fish that look like they have bacterial infections rather than dosing the whole pond, plenty of info on here or YouTube about salt baths for fish

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    Thanks for the advice about the salt bath, I do however test my water regularly and results were in previous reply.

    At the moment I'm constrained by space hence the pressure filter as its compact, its also massively oversized for the pond volume but in the future will surely upgrade with another bigger pond and different filtration.



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