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    Amateur looking for advice - ulcer/growth

    Hi all,

    Posting this on behalf of my dad who has a fish thats been in the wars over the years but is still going strong!

    Ill attach a picture of the issue and we were hoping to find out what it may be and if its potentially contagious.

    We were due to take the fish to an aquatics place to have it scraped but we didnt feel comfortable taking it and ensuring it was safe for the journey.

    The pond has a carp to 15lb in it including a 10lb grass carp with the rest being small carp goldfish and golden rudd. No new fish have been introduced for years and years and apart form a some of the rudd he hasnt lost a fish for years either.

    The fish in question has had health issues in the past and is blind in one eye but swims strongly and is still eating.

    My dad wants to treat the wound but we didnt want to seal it just in case whatever is causing the issue needed to come out.

    Apologies for the rambling nature, its all quite new to me so happy to get any further info required.



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    I would try salt baths to begin with as this will be a slow process probably all summer as the water gets warmer and the fishes own immune system kicks in - probably best not to do too much physical rubbing as taking layers off will only deepen the wound - salt bath solution would be 2% 20g per litre for 10 minutes per time every few days with an air stone cover the bowl and watch it to make sure its not stressed - fresh salt bath each time

    Good luck to you and your dad


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    Thanks for the advice. We had tried a treatment but like you say dabbing the antiseptic onto the wound didnt do much but remove layers on it and drew a bit of blood once back in the wax cover pretty much fell away straight away.

    Unfortunately it appears to have other small ones forming so im not sure its ever going to get better.

    The good news is the fish was very lively and when it went back was happy to eat straight away so ill suggest the salt baths and see how he gets on.



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