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    Sick Koi...where do I start?

    Hi again,

    I posted a while ago about a sick fish I have and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

    I have a large (~2ft) Koi with what I'm pretty sure is a bacterial infection. As well as seeing the bacterial spots just behind the head, it was exhibiting strange behaviour and floating upside down occasionally.

    Over the last few weeks, the fish have been pretty inactive and this fish was mostly inactive at the bottom of the pond. Now it has warmed up slightly, the fish are more active and this sick fish is pretty much permanently upside down on the surface of the pond. If I touch it, it swims away but will be back in the same position within 10 minutes.

    I inherited the pond and have no experience apart from cleaning the filters regularly and lockdown isn't making it easy to access help! Similarly, I have no separate isolation tank big enough for such a large fish.

    The 1400 ga pond is very well filtered...with primary system being a gravity fed system with 4 chamber tanks with brushes, foam and biological filters, a seperate foam matt filter, a Oase pressure filter and 2 UV lights. The other 5 fish appear healthy and normal.

    Could anyone walk me through where to start in terms of water quality testing and potential additivies to kill bacteria in the pond? Anywhere recommendations for getting this online? As I'm a beginner, starting simple would be good!


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    I'd start by looking at this site - Home

    My advice is don't guess and don't add any treatments unless you've identified what you are treating.
    First check water parameters. Pond also needs to be clean, bad bacteria thrive in decaying vegetation etc. so may need a good clean.
    Second scrape fish to see if there is a parasite issue.
    Others may have better suggestions.
    You may have a local koi dealer who could provide these services?? I believe this would be classed as essential business.

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    Thanks very much.

    Sadly, I now suspect I'm dealing with a dying fish...I just went out to see it and it is in it's upside down postion. On giving it a touch, instead of righting and swimming away, it moves but only slightly.

    Not sure what I do at this stage really...wait for it to perish? I can't see it being alive tomorrow morning. :-(

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    Hope everything is Ok

    there is a thread at this time Help please

    similar issues as yours potential swim bladder issue brought on by stress possibly cold related ??

    animal welfare is essential service I believe hence Pet shops still open

    has your pond been heated over the period ? have you got covers ?

    recent rain and snow getting in pond could of changes parameters ie ph . . . filters could be shut down potential rise in ammonia/nitrate/nitrite . do you test regularly ?
    1000 gal
    2 x Hozelock 6000ltr 9W UV
    Allpond Spin Filter 8000 11W UV
    Blagdon pond oxy 640 ltr/hr

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