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    Stressed fish in treatment tank. Suggestions?

    I moved a couple of koi over to my treatment tank yesterday and one of them (usually pretty flighty / nervous) is completely freaking out every time I go near the tank. Luckily it's a soft sided flexible tank, but I'm still concerned that they're going to hurt themselves as they're bouncing off the side pretty hard. I've got a shaded cover over the tank, and I've since added some plastic on top of that to make it darker, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

    Is there anything I can add to the water to calm him down? I can't really leave them completely covered once I've started the treatment as I'll need to keep an eye on them to watch for problems. Obviously it'll need to be something that doesn't affect the treatment (Flukasol).

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    The fish is feeling exposed in shallow, unfamiliar surroundings. High aeration that causes a mass of bubbles across the surface would help obscure its view of approaching danger (you) and you could put something in there for them to hide under. Obviously, it should be something that won't cause damage if they suddenly darted and bumped into it.

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    Thanks. I've got quite a high number of bubbles there, but not enough to completely cover the surface.

    I'm going to throw in a couple of artificial plants to see if that helps.

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    I have a similar setup in the garage and had a similar issue. I have a set of pond lights with suction pads that I stuck to the underside of part of the covers so the fish don't really see me approaching because of the lights dazzling them I guess. Interestingly I think this helped me starting to hand feed them as they are not that afraid. They would freak out again when the lights are off.
    If you are considering this option I would advise you to arrange the lights in such a way that there is a darker corner that they can 'hide' in.

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    If nothing else, lights could help stop the fish smashing into the side, so I'll have a look around for some options there. Thanks.



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