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    FMG Bath/Dip Dose ?

    i have kockney koi formalin 30% and kockney koi malachite 1%
    can anyone tell me the correct dose for a bath/dip and for how long.?
    would be interested in peoples experiences/recommendations

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    Hi mate,

    What is the purpose of the bath / dip?


    4,100 gallon pond, infinity window, duratec heater, aerated BD, 3 bakki showers full of BHM, amalgam UV, 3 Blue Eco’s, construction skimmer, trickle in/out, Oase Profi Drum and some very spoilt koi.

    3 separate grow on vats, one 1,600 gallon QT and a customer first business



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    hi Gaz,
    Im just trying to keep my options open.
    I have had lots of problems this year and have lost 12 fish, including some large beauties which despite my best efforts i couldnt save.
    my pond is much better, but still have a couple of sick fish.
    i had prazi resistent gill flukes flukes which pondsolve didnt shift, then 2 doses of fluke m (flubenderzole )which i hope/believe has solved the problem. i also found chilodonella on a dead fish 2 days after the 3rd treatment with FMG. but i think that has gone now too.
    all scrapes clear for the past 2 and a half weeks.
    the fish i lost at the beginning of the year where quite visibly poorly with white coationg, frayed fins and red streaks scepetimea.
    then they where dying with no physical signs. now several have ulcers which are healing has the parasites have gone and the water changes are removing the salt and chemical residues..
    my main concern is a large white gin rin sanke who has gone pinkish, and is not right, the scrapes on him are clear. but when i had a closer look at him his back was scraped along the entire length and he has a small ulcer near his eye. i treated the ulcer and his back.
    a week later (yesterday)i gave him and another a salt and acriflavin bath.
    but i just think im missing something. i dont want to treat the whole pond because the pond, filters and fish have been through enough treatments and scrapes dont show anything moving and havnt seen any flashing for a good 3 weeks.
    water parameters normal.
    sorry, a long saga i know.
    i think at the very beginning if i had used chloramine T to reduce the mucus coat i could have got away with using flubenderzole followed by a course of FMG and i would have lost a lot less fish.

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    If you want to use FMG,buy Malachite and Formalin in seperate bottles and mix it yourself .The premixed stuff doesnt work anywhere as well

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