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    Ulcers spreading through fish

    Hi everyone,
    I posted a couple of months ago about troubles with my koi, and sadly they havenít got much better. Iíve now lost three fish this summer: one with a huge ulcer and fin rot, one who isolated itself for a week or so, and one with small ulcers.

    Basically, thereís one fish with an ulcer which is now Ďcrusting overĎ with a white substance. Another fish has fin rot, and has started to float stationary in water for periods, and a third one has just developed an ulcer.
    I attach pictures of the fish with the ulcer turning white, but also seemingly getting bigger, and of the fish which has just developed an ulcer (the black koi).

    Iím at a total loss now. I donít have the means to catch the fish, let alone scrape them and use a microscope, or inject them etc. I donít know anyone who lives near me in north Manchester. The pond has been treated twice with Cloverleaf Bacteria Answer in the past fortnight, before that itís had another dose of that, and of Tetra Medifin. Iíve changed the water lots, raised the ph, and now all my readings are good (bar phosphate, which is 2). All of these changes and the fish still keep on dying! Itís strange as the fish that are dying have ulcers and fin rot - surely not caused by parasites?

    Any help or suggestions would be great.

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    Parasites and poor water quality will all cause ulcers eventually I've had a look on the volunteer's list and '' bicolormoth ''
    on here is in south Manchester so might be worth sending him a PM and maybe he might be willing to come and have a look
    for you...… Hope you get it sorted.

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    Thanks Anne! It’s a mystery - the water quality is better than it’s ever been, and I have no way of knowing what parasites - if any - are there!



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