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    Fluke treatment and Acetone. How?

    I've heard people using acetone to mix fluke treatment, but how is this done?. How can 20ml of acetone be enough to mix so much powder? Can anyone make me a video or something? Ive had flukes for nearly 2 years and have tried nearly all products and I'm now wanting to mix up some lernex that ive never used before either today/tomorrow and try the acetone way. (Drum is always bypassed for a day during treatment)


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    All I can advise is I mix Flubenol with acetone, 10ml of acetone per 1000 gallons.

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    Lernex shouldn't really need mixing with acetone.

    I stuck mine in a blender with hot water and it dissolved well.

    I've also mixed powders with propylene glycol with good results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RS2OOO View Post
    I stuck mine in a blender with hot water and it dissolved well.
    Me too! I used Lernex Pro (the one with the 3 ingredients), to get rid of my prazi resistant skin flukes that hung around for 12 months. I blitzed it in my Nutri Bullet with some warm water, then mixed that with a bucket of pond water. Frothed up a lot but worked a treat to dissolve it. I also turned off the drum and UV for couple days to give the meds optimal chance to work.

    Did 2 treatments, 7 days apart, (preceeded by 2 consecutive days of CT to strip mucus back and allow Lernex to penetrate better before the first dose only), and it finally took care of the flukes but it is a pretty harsh treatment. The standard Lernex may be kinder, but still a good idea to be watchful for other opportunistic parasites to appear after ... in my case the dreaded costia Fluke treatment and Acetone, HOW??

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