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Thread: Koi fish wound

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    Koi fish wound

    I have a question regarding the koi. On Saturday, when catching fish from the pond, I noticed one fish a centimeter wound on the skin. A wound is not a cut, it is a deep wound. I have a question if it is possible to cure this fish. If so by what means? Thank you in advance for your answer

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    It looks very much like an ulcer to me...… but wait for one of the experts on here to comment on
    treatment's etc they shouldn't be long, probably having a kip or something.....

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    Doesn't look too nasty,I would sedate then antibac and seal,a little heat with a little salt would help.
    Not too good to be kept in ambient temps,hope it helps.
    Any more questions just ask Mario.

    One thing you must ask yourself is what caused it,a scrape would help to see if any parasites.

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    Well said john.
    I would treat as john has said. And put in a qt with heat and salt. Heat at 25c with 0.3 salt for about 5 days. The up the salt to 0.6
    Salt. I have had a few with ulcers. And this worked for me. Takes about 2 weeks for the first layers of new skin to grow over.
    With what is said above. When the first skin grows over. I start reducing the salt down
    Hope this helps

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    Thank you for the answers, I start treating fish from today, I hope it will get better by spring

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