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    Scrapes but noting

    Good morning I am hopeful this has been seen before I have two fish showing two different symptoms I have carried out scrapes but nothing shows up. I have attached two images for you to have a look at and maybe a treatment can be suggested. I do have some rudd and chub in the pond so something that will not harm them would be appreicated.

    Scrapes but Nothing

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hi mate,

    I can't tell exactly what we're looking at here but guess its the white patch around the mouth of the first one and the red area with light patches on the other.

    The pictures are good and clear but on their own they don't give a lot of info, and obviously water parameters etc may help create a bigger picture.

    At risk of being completely wrong and throwing some guesses around, the first one might be showing signs of carp pox and the 2nd one might be showing signs of Hikui.

    But they are just complete guesses based on the very little we have to go on.

    What is your water temp, water parameters, and over what length of time have the symptoms been developing?

    Any other Koi issues over the last 6 Months?

    Is the pond outdoors and in full sun during summer?

    What did the 2nd Koi look like prior to these symptoms?

    Are they acting normal and eating well?

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    Hi Marc, Agree with Rs looks like carp pox,have a look on Fuzzy on the A +E his looks similar,not an expert mate but if eating etc wouldn't worry too much.

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    Here is a thread to what RS describes
    As Hikui.



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    Hi Mate
    The pond Temp is around 6 degrees but I have just switched on the heater so rising as we speak. The parameter's are fine regarding the water I have just tested again all good. The first picture regarding the white cloud on the mouth and back is slimy and whilst I had him out for a scrape some on the back rubbed off. I have noticed today he has a large lump of white looking like fungus on his tail fin. The slimy stuff has been there for a while and did not seem to get any worse until temp has dropped.
    The Kohaku has had those lumps for a year or so not getting any worse but was hoping I could help clear them.

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    Still difficult to do a certain diagnosis, but as its got worse with dropping temps then carp pox seems to be the likely culprit.

    Mucus coating looks quite thick which is why I was interested in water parameters.... do you have the exact figures for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, PH, KH and any others you can test?

    Can't be sure about the Hikui diagnosis but it does look like how mine did when she got it, and also looks like the one in the thread Fred linked to. But it could just be the angle of the photo giving that impression. Also noticed something half way up the body above the pelvic fin, maybe carp pox or fungus or mucus or the site of a previous ulcer.... really can't tell.

    Also there's something bumpy on the leading edge of the pectoral fin visible on the Koi above the red and white one.... Could be breeding tubercles or could be something else like carp pox on that one too.

    Again, not really sure about any of this as not got a full picture of the situation, just having a stab to try and help, so don't go treating anything based on what I've said. Although from everything I can see in the pics there's nothing obvious that suggests any treatment is required. Hikui can't really be easily treated (imo) and nor can Carp Pox. You just need to provide the highest quality water conditions to help them stay on top of it. Heating over winter would obviously help if you have heaters.

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    Hi everyone I think some of it is carp pox but the slime patches is not I treated it with Blagdon fish aid anti fungus and bacteria first does a lot of it has come of going to add a second dose today.

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