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Thread: Water tests

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    Water tests

    Done some water tests today, after some opinions on whether they look ok or not please

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    They look ok to me Scott except for the nitrite which is up a bit.

    I use the Nt labs kit as well and it allways shows a bit of nitrite,I remember someone on here saying that Nt labs nitrite allways shows a bit and not to worry.

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    I agree with John,

    The nitrite looks a little high. The maximum tolerable level for nitrite for koi
    before the haemoglobin in their blood begins to suffer damage is 0.2 mg/L (I can explain more about that if anyone wishes). It doesn't look that high but it would be easier to compare the sample with the colours on the chart if you look at them as in the picture below which I prepared to show the correct methods to view water test samples.

    [EDIT: Sorry Scott and John, I've only just noticed that I mixed up who I was replying to. I've corrected that now.]

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