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Thread: Bit of Niwaki

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    Bit of Niwaki

    done a bit of pruning yesterday,
    i've had this mugo pine i bought last year in a large pot.
    i got it quite cheap as it was a bit lopsided and had a couple of odd looking branches that had been broken off at some point and had started growing vertical.

    i candled it last year to thicken it up a bit with the intention of giving it a prune in the autumn.
    i never got round to it, so decided to take the plunge now even though it's not the ideal time of year for it.

    i had a go at shaping another larger austrian black pine tree, to open it up and get some ramification of the branches.
    this one would require some wiring to get the shape i wanted.
    but it was evident when i started this tree that it was too light a gauge,(heaviest i had was 3mm) so i've ordered some 5mm and 4mm bonsai wire.

    as i'd already started cutting branches i've wired them with what i had, but will re-do them once the thicker wire shows up...
    i don't think i'd be looking to make this a full bonsai in a tray , more a pot planted and niwaki pruned tree.


    Bit of Niwaki-pruning-jpg


    Bit of Niwaki-pruned-pine-jpg

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