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    Question Yamitsu Algae Master 55w UV water in bulb connectors

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum so bear with me. I've recently replaced the quartz sleeve and UV bulb in my Yamitsu Algae Master 55w UV. It doesn't appear to be working (I cannot see any UV glow at night, which presumably is the only way I can check) and the pond murk is not clearing.

    I think some water had gotten into the end connectors, due to the quartz sleeve breaking. Is there a solution to this or will I have to replace the electrics/unit? Would really welcome any advice on this or any other checks I can make.

    Thank you.

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    If you are OK working with mains voltage and have access to a multimeter, you can check if the bulb connectors are getting power when turned on, but as you have fitted a new quartz and bulb, it's likely that the ballast unit has died, possibly from the water in the end caps, so most likely will need replacing.

    A good tip, if you don't know already, for checking the bulb is working - look at the ends through your phone's camera
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    Thanks for the guidance. I'll do a double check with the phone's camera but I suspect a replacement ballast unit will be necessary.
    Appreciate your help, thanks again.

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    The replacement ends are about a fiver on eBay if needed. You can buy replacement ballasts very cheaply too
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