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Thread: Uv unit

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    Uv unit

    Hi All

    My TMC U V has finally conked out after years of good service..

    Does anybody know which is the best one for fitting a new U V tube please ?? It a size 55 watt.

    We found the TMC very fiddley to replace tube

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    Over the (too many!!) years I’ve had TMC, Evolution Aqua, Kockney Koi, Oase and an Amalgam submersible uvs.

    unless you have an Oase proficlear filter system I’d say Kockney Koi and TMC were the best. That said I think TMC and EA have redesigned their UVs in recent years.

    the amalgam in hind sight was a waste of money as after 18months it was practically impossible to source spare parts.

    With EA I typically damaged the quartz tube when changing the UV bulb as the bulb fit too tightly in the quartz tube.

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    Yeah smashed 2 quartz on the ea from over tightening. Have a tmc now and been trouble free so far touch wood

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    Thanks for your reply. Like the TMC but find fitting a new tube very fiddly. It WAS the old type so maybe the new one is easier ?? Its the blue plastic covers to which the tube fits, They are really hard to peel back and you cant tell if the tube is fitted properly.

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    Hi Viv nice to see you back on here and hope your well.
    I am on my 2nd tmc and yes as you say fiddly to change the bulb as so easy to brak the quartz.

    Believe the newer version is better,sorry cant help you any more.

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    Hi Viv, I've had a few over the years, and by far the easiest I have found to change the UV bulb is this one from Oase:


    The head unit just twists off and you pull whole bulb/sleeve out. Its a doddle..and worked very well for 3 years now..cheers..



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