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    Our cat likes the group UB40

    I think our youngest cat must like the group UB40 as I was in the shower on Sunday morning and the fun sponge started shouting and screaming!!! Apparently there was a rat in the bedroom. Yes I know the song was 'there's a rat in my kitchen' but it had to have brought it through the kitchen as that's where the cat flap is lol. Anyway I know from past experience she's very good at exaggerating things so was only expecting to see a small mouse or similar but no it was a reasonable sized rat laying on the floor. I think cats instinctively know to kill rats before bringing them into the house as the previous rats have been dead too.

    The best bit was, the other half gets up several times a night and said she remembered kicking what she thought was a pair of slippers across the bedroom floor I had this vision of her standing in the bath room and looking down at her feet to see a slipper on one foot and a rat on the other lol

    When I scooped the rat up it was quite heavy and the body was about 8 to 10" long plus the tail so only just went into the aquarium net I use for catching the various things that the youngest cat brings in. The youngest cat has been nicknamed Rat Face due to her bring some in previously but this was by far the biggest. I know rats can grow bigger than the one brought in on Sunday.

    We had another cat years ago that use to bring stuff in but that one preferred the group The Cure and the favourite album The head on the door as we came down one day to find a mouse's head sticking out of the door just above the bottom hinge and we couldn't work out how it got there just that the cat had eaten the body and left the head lol

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    Our kitchen door is closed at night to avoid such things.
    Only mice and birds to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Fish View Post
    Our kitchen door is closed at night to avoid such things.
    Only mice and birds to date.
    We've had all sorts including bread rolls, fag butts, fruit cake, worms and dragon flies etc, etc

    We haven't got a kitchen door to shut lol it was removed before we moved in just over 10 years ago lol

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    This summer we had a spell where Rat Face brought in slow worms. That's the first time in years I've seen them.

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    I used to live in Brookwood Frim, my big old ginger Tom we had back then was partial to slow worms also, and rabbits, especially a juicy small one!

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    Juicy small rabbits lol

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    He must have devoured at least 20 that I saw lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigcarpchaser View Post
    He must have devoured at least 20 that I saw lol

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    Hopefully not all in one go!!

    Well you did say it was a big cat lol



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