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    Saki Hikari clouding water?

    Hi all,
    Within a few days of me feeding saki hikari colour and staple my water has started clouding and I wonder if anyone has any similar experiences?

    Im doubting myself a bit here as saki hikari is meant to be the best including when it comes to waste etc.

    Running a burtons 300cube with uv (30k max flow rate, 20w amalgam uv) into 100l k1 moving bed.

    11000 litre pond
    amalgam unit 8 months old
    variflow pump have trialled between 8klph all the way up to 25k since cloudiness.

    I did wonder if it was the UV as it does seem similar to when the UV goes but it is only 8 months old and struggling to see even the slightest green tinge.

    My temps around 14 c and the food suggests at 18 and above but could that really be a legitimate reason in itself?

    Don't want to spend more money on food to trial this seeing that ive just bought 2 bags of saki :')

    Also, my drum is cleaning ALOT more frequently which i assume suggest it isnt UV issues and actual a fines issue?

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    Sounds more likely to be a fines issue.

    I've not noticed any problems with either of those Saki foods, although I wouldn't personally feed the colour at 14 degrees.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
    Some koi

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    I think ive found the issue so i'll share here as it may help someone someday.

    I have an autofeeder set up for twice in the morning when im not home and if it throws out too much it ends in the skimmer.

    The saki hikari disintegrates in the water much quicker than my previous fish food.

    Today i noticed the autofeeder was throwing out much more than it should, likely because the hikari pellets are smaller than previous, and because of how quickly it disintegrates, by the time i check the skimmer in the evening, there is no food there as its pretty much disentegrated into fines, which is causing the cloudy water issue.

    Long story short, the food was getting stuck and disintegrated in the skimmer without me knowing....I think.

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    I would say you are wasting money feeding Saki Colour at this time of year. The concensus for best results seems to be to feed it for a Month at end of summer.

    I tested various foods, nothing scientific just a small handful of pellets from various brands left in glasses of water. The Saki (multi-season, balance and growth) water remained the clearest by far.

    Also bear in mind this time of year with temps fluctauting can cause all kinds of blooms and growths in your water that can cause cloudiness and discolouration, it is more common in fairly new ponds for the first 2-3 years so ignore this if you've been running a mature pond for years and these events are completely out of the ordinary.

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