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    do I need to embrace automation or dark feeding

    it is dark when I go to work and dark when I come home on the days when I am not at home. I don't have an autofeeder. Is it OK to feed in the dark at each end of the day? Or do I need to embrace automation?

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    Little and often is better than two big feeds a day, so............

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    that depends on if you are heating, or what temperature the pond is.

    you could also extend the light period in the evenings with lighting.
    i use 2 x 50w daylight LED floodlights over my pond, to extend the day time period and feeding to around 9:30 pm.
    especially in the autumn when the fish are still feeding well as temperatures fall...though i heat to 19C - 20C until the end of november.

    automation is good but you still have to carefully monitor how much they eat...and make sure there is no wasteage.
    easpecially as the pond gets colder.

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    For when we're away I adapted a Petkit cat/dog feeder to feed our fish.
    It allows WiFi control via an App (amount, timings, etc) and when used in conjunction with our CCTV I can monitor pond temp and fish activity (whether or not to feed) and food take-up.
    Bought a tatty box "new other" one for about 30 (obviously much more if full retail). Mains with battery back-up (needs weather/splash protection) and a nice big hopper.
    It even has a pressure sensor in the base to give a readout of how much food is left (again via the App).
    My DIY ponds from 1988 until present day.
    All can be found here:



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