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    How long after introduction to start feeding?

    Im sure this has been asked here before but the general internet seems to have lots of conflicting advice ( surprise).

    Have just introduced first fish into a new pond (4+ months of water maturation - no fish).
    NH4 / NO2 Parameters are all good/normal ( but ill check again in the morning).
    Temp =. 19 degrees. Ph = 7.5. KH/GH 6/8

    Fish sizes 20- 40 cm.

    I assume I should start with a Spring/grain-based type of feed ?... but how long after introduction? Plenty of algae on walls etc. ( full sun)


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    it all depends on how the pond cycles.
    feed sparingly, like count the pellets out
    monitor ammonia and nitrite, everyday if necessary.
    stop feeding if ammonia is too high

    you also may have to take steps to reduce the ammonia/nitrite levels.
    with water changes for example.
    ammonia is toxic at different ph, and temperatures.
    colder and lower ph less toxic
    warmer and higher ph more toxic

    though warmer temperatures also increase ammonia/nitrite cycling speed.

    info on levels here on Syd's website




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    @Davethe Fish1. Thanks Very much .

    I 'cycled' the pond using MankySanke's fishless method , but if you mean turnover it seems to be about once every 3 hours -- inconsistent measurements so 2-4 is the range Ive found. Even though I bought a drum rated at once every 30 minutes for my pond !

    Another question then ,.. I can calculate length / weight of fish .. how many pellets ( medium size ) ?
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    I'd say chuck a good handful in each day and keep monitoring your water. Not exactly scientific, but it's a starting point, and your pond should be able to handle some ammonia already.

    If after a week it's still all good, then move on to two handfuls a day. And go from there.

    If at any point ammonia or nitrite starts spiking just ease off the food and do a small water change if needs be.

    It's essentially trial and error, but with regular water testing you'll soon get a feel for where the limits are for your pond.

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    @Twhitenosugar. Thanks .. Ill give that scientific analysis a go! If there's anything uneaten after a minute or so Ill remove.

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    Thanks all for the assistance. Might have seemed a stupid question bit I feel 'on top of it' now.

    Weather is now warmer 4 days later with pond at around 21 degrees. I fed cautiously for first few days. Today is day 5 and am feeding ' a small handful' to a total of 310 cm of koi 3 times a day and removing any uneaten after 2 minutes. All are now feeding greedily all the time and have started 'looking' for food from one of us.

    Thanks for the help.

    So far .... so good.

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    the easiest way to calculate how much food is to download and use the NVN Koi app. It's from the Dutch koi association, but don't worry all in english. It's easy to use and all calculations are based on proven scientific principles.
    But go slowly with increasing the amount of food as the filter bacteria need time to adapt to a higher ammonia load.

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