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    New to Keeping Koi - How Long Without Food?

    Hi All,

    Relatively new to Koi keeping after inheriting a pond from my previous house owner. I've been asking lots of questions already and have been really grateful for the expert knowledge on this forum!

    How do most Koi keepers deal with feeding and going away from home? I do quite a lot of weekends away and the occasional holiday and don't have someone local that can help me out when I'm away. Are there any recommended automatic feeders that are cost effective/simple...ie battery powered rather than wiring it into the pond electrics?

    My immediate issue is that I am away for 6 days next week. 5 Koi, water temperature about 12C currently. I've only just started feeding with wheatgerm sticks now the temperature has gone over 10C. Will they need feeding whilst I am away for 6 days or are they happy enough with the nutrients in the pond?


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    Hi they will be fine mate. I leave mine for upto two weeks with no ill effect at all, you just come back to a super clean pond! This time of year they need little food with our low temps as well.
    A weekend away is no issue whatsoever, neither is your 6 days next week. All I do is make sure the filter is cleaned prior to disappearing..

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    Same here water change before I go and when I return . Haven't bothered about an auto feeder tbh . They ain't gunna have any I'll effects for 2weeks there will be natural food bit algae off the sides ect

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    I’ve just been away for a month and will be away again in a few weeks.
    I have automated as much as I can still more to go but it all runs fine.
    my daughter stops off once or twice a week and does a water check for me, she will send the results though to me and call if any issues.
    I have a drum filter, auto feeder auto top up everything runs fine without me

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    Thanks for all your answers...gives me a bit of confidence prior to leaving them! Just done a big filter clean so I'm leaving it in a good state.

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