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    Sinking weatgerm

    Hi I am looking for recommendations on some sinking weatgerm for my koi.
    I'm heating to 14 degrees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellersvw View Post
    Hi I am looking for recommendations on some sinking weatgerm for my koi.
    I'm heating to 14 degrees
    Just buy floating wheatgerm, put some on a tray and spray with pond water, let it soak in a bit then place wheatgerm in a cloth/teatowel and wring out any water that you can, this should take the air out the food and it should sink.

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    The other alternative is to get a large syringe, put some pellets in with little pond water, plug the tip with your thumb and then pull on the plunger several times. The vaccume created will force water into the pellets and they will sink. Unfortunately you can only do a little at a time with this method depending on how much the syringe can take but at least it is not a messy business.

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    Google ďcarp pellet pumpĒ

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    He doesn't call himself 'bigcarpchaser' for nothing
    I don't keep fish, I keep water. I don't keep fish, I keep water. I don't keep fish I kee........

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    Personally, if I was heating to 14 I would take advantage of an all season food option rather than WG. I would also opt for floating at that temp too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bigcarpchaser View Post
    Google “carp pellet pump”

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    Got a few here, the pellets increase in size, but soft enough for fish to eat,

    On another note, I used to fish a lake that used to produce good fish 8lb plus carp, you could try anything meat, corn, paste etc but expander/soft pellet were the only bait that you could consistently rely on to catch the bigger fish, mind blowing. Funny creatures these things with fins

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