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    Kusuri vs NT labs medikoi

    I'll be using a mixture of the foods throughout the year, so for example growth food and also a colour booster food. Currently using saki-hikari but they ain't interested in that one bit but they'll happily woof down nishikoi wheatgerm. These are small koi 5-6inches long. My other pond love the saki so it's not wasted. Which would you prefer Kusuri or NT labs medikoi?

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    I dont like the taste of either mate sorry. . Haha go get some osw best food yet

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    Over the two mentioned think I prefer nt labs.
    Been using pro bites but ran out so grabbed some nt labs,
    Garlic and wheat germ, and pro biotic and mix the two.
    Koi eat it quite happily.
    I have used kusuri but found it produced alot of waste and can make taint the water.
    Not sure whether they have change the ingredients though.

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    I'm using Kusuri multi-season right now.

    Of all the branded cooler weather foods the Kusuri ingredients look far superior to my eyes, but I'm no nutritionist, just looks like it contains more "proper" food compared to other brands that seem mainly made up with fillers.

    Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Antarctic Krill, Wheat, Vital wheat gluten, Wheat grain flour, Kusuri Montmorillonite Klay, Kelp, Propolis, Dried algae Ascophylluum sp/Lami- naria sp, Garlic dried, Vitamins, Dried algae Spirulina, Fish oil, Permitted antifungal/anti-oxident, Minerals, Betaine, Natural Astaxanthin, Probiotics.

    My Koi definitely prefer Kusuri over NT Labs Multi Season and NT Labs Staple.

    No noticeable difference if fed Saki multi season or Kusuri multi season, but the Kusuri is much cheaper.

    In the summer they prefer the Saki Growth over other branded growth foods.

    Next summer they will be getting Coppens Top Koi for the first time, and I've kept back a few Kg of Saki Growth to determine if they have a preference.

    The Coppens OSW is highly respected on here, its a mix of 3 of their most popular foods. Mine haven't tried it yet, but will get it if I run out of Kusuri before Spring as it claims to be highly digestible in colder temps, but I don't think / know if they specify a minimum feeding temp.
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