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Thread: Quen Koi Food

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    Quen Koi Food

    This year, I switched from qk ultimate mix to qk ultimate koi, and I couldnít be happier. With five new additions to the pond, Iíve been feeding heavier than I have ever before, and unlike the ultimate mix, there is no problem with brown water, the extra k1 I added browned up very quickly, and ammonia/nitrite have been a very stable zero.
    I still have water at 22įC while I finish the last couple of kilos, and with no covers yet, itís starting to get expensive, but as I drop the temperature, I need to start with their winter diet. Last year I mixed some sinking food with the ultimate mix, but the ultimate koiís protein level is too high (49%). The qk Japan mix has a protein level on par with the wheat germ, 38%, and is apparently a mix of sinking and floating. This could be my ideal winter food.
    I know some on here feed jap mix, so can anyone confirm that a percentage sinks?

    19,000 litres
    Nexus 320 with Dracodrum and submersible UV
    Blue Eco 320
    Eazy Pod on skimmer
    Dura+ 10kW Heat Pump
    16 koi

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    Hi Mark, I to have used the Ultimate mix and even though a very good food it browned the water so switched to the premium growth this year with no problems and excellent growth as they love it and I love the price.

    Going to your question Mark,I have used Japmix in the past and yes it does have some slow sinking in it.
    Not sure of the percentage but some definitely sinks.

    At the moment trying the osw and so far very pleased with it.

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    i'm using the japmix in 3mm and 6mm
    The sinking pellets are easily identifiable by colour and shape,
    but the ratio is low, i'd say less then 5% probably more like 2-3%
    more just to help with the odd shy fish not competing with the others for food i think.
    You don't have to be a pipefitter to keep koi...
    but it helps...

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    i changed from japmix to coppens OSW and im sticking with coppens lol,,,,,,andi

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