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    Clear water success

    For those of you who have read previous threads I've posted, you will be familiar with my filter system (a five chamber multi-bay) gravity fed from bottom drain through 4 inch pipe-work.

    From the final chamber, which houses the pump, the flow all passes through a 55 watt UV filter. Then the flow is split 2-ways. One valve controls the flow to a 3-tier weir system with 2 waterfalls. Another valve controls the flow to a venturi which passes directly into the pond.

    Over the past 12 months we have tweaked the system and made a few changes. Firstly we have got a larger pump (almost twice the output) and secondly by introducing new pipe-work we have diverted all the flow from the pump through the UV filter. (Previously the feed to the waterfall systems did not pass through the UV filter at all.

    The results have been pretty stunning because, probably for the first time, we can see the bottom drain very clearly (at a depth of 7ft 6in). We could even see a small slither of York stone which had fallen into the pond accidentally, and were able to retrieve that.

    For a pond containing almost 5000 gallons of water we are pretty pleased that our "antique" filter system can not only cope but produce very clear water.

    The good news is that today the pond temperature today is 15 degrees and the koi are all feeding very enthusiastically.

    We would also like to mention Chris who has helped us a lot this season, and has kept all the fish healthy (especially when we had skin flukes and later trich).

    Hi to all our friends on the Forum. Hope all is going well in your ponds?


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    That's excellent news. Clear water is mostly about a good mechanical filter, a UV + correct flow and the food you feed.

    I've seen people on here asking if they need a bigger uv as their water is cloudy, however it turns out that the cheap food they were using was the cause.

    Sounds like you have it all spot on now, so well done and just keep doing what you are doing

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    Thanks Stu, that's so encouraging. I have been feeling particularly happy about things as I was working on the pond today - so decided to share the good news. It's helpful to have response from "friends on the Forum". It's a great network.




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