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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazfish View Post
    Hi Mark,

    What is his QT procedure ?

    Have you been to the dealer and seen the set up ?

    These are not trick questions about this or any other dealer these are two of the first things i want to know before i go buying fish Mark.

    Yes of course its good for people to tell you if a dealer is good and try and help but you still should get down to see the set up and also find out whats what IMO before buying fish.

    Although i know you from this forum if i told you a specific dealer this would not mean they are the best dealer or even best for you and would hope you would go and see them and make sure you are happy before purchasing a fish.

    i have been pointed in the direction of many "great" dealers over the years and have to say some have been appalling so stick with the same guys as for me i find it safer and have complete faith in what they do and the fish they can provide me.
    Hi Gaz
    Answer to your two questions is none and no. i understand in what your saying about going to see the dealer for myself which yes i very much agree with this. the prob is i use avenue fisheriers so much and wanted to try some where else and yes i know by buying from a photo maybe is not the way to go but with the dealer having a awesome name for them selfs i wanted to give them a go. im not knocking the fish that i got at all as i have high hopes for it, its just the size i was abit put off by as it was clearly not 35cm and only 29cm to 30cm.

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    Hi Mark,

    Yes it can be hard mate Ive done the same when looking at pictures from dealers on fish they are looking at in Japan and its easy to get carried away when your after a new fish


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