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    Air pump cables.

    Hi new to this forum.My air pump [hiblow 40 finally packed up. Had it for about12 years.Its very expensive to replace so i bought a cheaper one.[ charles austen ] Know this one isn't as good as the old one but I'm skint.The hiblow has about 15 feet of cable but the charles austen as about 4 feet with a plug on it.My question is can i use the existing cable to the hiblow or will i have to have new cable and join the 2 together or run a extension into the house.Many thanks if anyone can answer my question.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    Just cut the cable off the hiblow and use a inline connector with a Ip rating of 68 or above to connect the two cables together, then you’ll have 19 feet of cable to play with.
    I have two Charles Austen air pumps and so far they seem to work very well.



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