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Thread: Mid water feeds

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    Mid water feeds

    I’ve got a lot of particles in suspension even though I’m turning over 20k LPH on a 25k litre pond.

    I’ve had a conversation with a dealer this morning and he’s mentioned that having a mid water feed about 1/3rd of the way down should resolve the particles issue. Now it just so happens that my skimmer is a 4” entry through the wall and then elbow with pipe up to the surface. I can but a 4”cage into that pipe to stop my new little ones going down there.

    I’ve made the change but the draw on the bottom drain is so much more than the mid feed. Annoyingly I have a slide valve on the mid but not on the bottom drain (other than a T to purge).

    Do others have a mid feed to the drum? If so how successful has it been?

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    I've used both options mid and bottom and personally not noticed any difference.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
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    i don't think having a mid water feed would do anything other than let more fines settle and accumulate on the bottom.

    'fines' are a subjective issue as i don't think 'fines' are very fine at all
    you wouldn't be able to see anything sub 70 micron at a distance, so i think most visible particles are probably several mm across
    koi are constantly ripping at the algae on the sides of the pond making a mess, so increased turn over through the drum might remove more.
    ...or less material for the fish to peck at depending on how much green fuzz on the pond walls?

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    I suspect this isn't a year round issue your having, and possibly just a stage at this time of year where larger air filled particles aren't sinking to the bottom to get sucked into the bottom drain.

    I can see the perceived benefit of a side feed, but I doubt it would make any major difference - by the time all the particles are sucked through, more particles have been produced and the problem remains.

    I have loads of particles / fines going round my pond at the moment, you can only see them under certain lights, but I think its just bits of dead algae sloughing off the sides and bottom and once the weather settles a fresh new green coating of algae will grow and the fines will disappear.

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