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    Proficlear Premium Fleece 750

    Iím searching for a new drum and in my search have come across the Oase Proficlear Premium Fleece 750. Itís not cheap, but it filters down to 3micron. That is not a typo. It also has up to 150l of media in it.

    The fleece is on a scroll and costs a bit over £100 each time.

    Has anyone got one of these or seen them in use?

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    With the waste my Koi produce I cold imagine getting through a roll of that per week, maybe 4 weeks in the depths of winter. Getting through 25 rolls a year at £2500 would not surprise me.

    I would say it is more suited to sitautions where:

    a) Water usage restrictions apply (California etc).
    b) Crystal Clear water is required at all times without exception.

    I think I would stick with a normal drum, and the water usage of a normal drum is a good thing because you are forced to replace that water, assisting towards keeping nitrates down and KH up.

    But in answer to your original quection, I have no experience of using one

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