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    Treated or untreated sleepers?

    Hi all.

    Due to the arrival of a sprog, my 2x3m pond which sits about 10 inches above ground level needs to be made sprog proof. I've already got a nice footing and small brick surround in place so I wad going to build up using 200x100 sleepers layed flat making sure to rebar all the way through to the concrete footing. I've read over the years that treated timber should be kept away from ponds due to risk of unwanted toxins entering the water during rain etc. I was hoping to use standard green pressure treated sleepers as they are cheap. I'm planning a raised rear sleeper wall to the rear of the pond housing a bakki shower so quite a lot of timber would be above water level exposed to rain. Should I avoid green pressure treated sleepers or is the risk low? Cheers.

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    Simple answer is don't use treated soft wood. Oak sleepers are only c15% more expensive and will vastly outlast them. Look at "oak max" for costs.

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    seconded for untreated oak - had an almost identical problem



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