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    Automatic feeders.

    Hi, now it's coming up to water pig feeding season I'm thinking of getting an automatic feeder.
    So which one do I get?
    What do you guys use? Whats good & what's not!

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    Seems to be a lot of love for the JBL unit. I actually went with the Aqua Forte one last year, mostly due to the fact that the size fitted the look of my pond better. Not regretted it though, easily programmable and did what I wanted.
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    I'd say aqua forte as well or an x clear feeder - they're both the same feeder but with a different label stuck to them as far as I understand.

    Had one running on my grow on for the last few years and it has worked faultlessly. Easy to programme/reprogramme too.

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    JBL or profi are definitely the better ones I think.

    As a cheaper alternative though, Iím currently using the super fish one. Doesnít have the same level of exact feed refinement, but the timer works well and the feed settings are OK. You can figure out what each setting gives in grams of food and go from there.


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