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    Blanket weed treatment recommendations

    Hi all
    whats the go to blanket weed treatment nowadays
    ive always used cloverleaf answer but not for at least 10 years
    think treatments may have moved on and been out of the loop for a while
    got another 7 days of fluke m at the moment then all being well really need to treat blanket weed
    how long after the fluke treatment can I add?
    thanks in advance

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    Resolve is my choice. Easy to use, doesn't cloud the water and for me, it works. This year I've been putting a dose in every four weeks. So far, it has got rid of what was there at the end of last season and there is no new growth, as yet.
    7500 litres
    Filtreau combi with uv.
    Some koi

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    Thank g mac I’ll get some on order only finished the pond mid last year so it’s still going through the motions
    blanket answer always worked for me in the past at half dose but was always a bit nervous as quite a few people had problems
    ill give resolve a go then

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    Agree with above Resolve is the way to go.

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    Aquasource resolve has always worked for me, and no side effects like you can get with an algacide like cloverleaf.
    any blanket weed treatment makes a mess with it breaking down, so stay on top of your drum cleaning.

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    I'm a fan of Biobooster + for everything Green and all detritus. Nothing cheap about it but 2-3 doses a year followed by Bactogen does really well in these hot climes .. plus just cleaning the drum cos I should.

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    DO NOT USE Cloverleaf! I lost a number of quality fish after treating with it. Never again and the company are shocking!

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    I have had a ponds for nearly 30 years now. In that time, I’ve had six ponds and battled with blanket weed in everyone. My latest pond is no exception. It’s only been running 18 months and I’m about to do battle with the blanket weed again. Over the years I’ve used lots of different treatments, barley straw, introducing snails, shading the pond, using treatments, such as hydrogen peroxide ,blanket weed answer which I found worked quite well and I have never had any problems with it. This time I’m going to use aqua resolve. I’ve read some good reports about it so i’ll see how it goes. I think because the pond is fairly new blanket weed is quite bad this year. I’ll let you know how it goes. First treatment goes in tomorrow.

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    My current pond is now five years old and is the first pond I've built never to have a blanket weed problem.
    I get a velvet-like growth on the walls, but the fish graze it constantly (7x24"+ fish in 13,000 lt).
    The only differences between this and previous ponds are:
    • Partial Anoxic filtration. This does keep Nitrates under control, but there's still enough to support algae growth.
    • Far less intensive feeding which appears to encourage more intensive algae grazing.
    My DIY ponds from 1988 until present day.
    All can be found here:

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    Aquasource resolve always worked for me with my last pond.

    Thankfully not had any in the new pond - yet!
    2,700 Gallon Pond, Infinity Window, Aquasource Synergy 35 Drum, 12Kw Thermotec Invertor, Amalgum UV.

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    you want one thats safe for wildlife

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