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    Bouncer cat for the pond

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    Ok ok sorry for the click bait title but it worked didn’t it Bouncer cat for the pond

    So I recently got a rescue cat and was so impressed with how they look after the animals and care I decided to do a half marathon to raise a lil bit of money if I could, and I have but I thought as this is an animal lover site “Definatly just not koi” I would post a link to my fund raiser as a few guys know me on here quiet well, and others also may want to help a good cause….. on that note il leave you with a little picture of my beast cat gaurding the gems, and he really is a big lad at 7kg! And a upto date picture of the freshly painted pond. Cheers guys Bouncer cat for the pond




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    7 kg what have you been feeding it!!!

    Our oldest cat is over 4 kg but she's classed as fairly small and our youngest is just over 3 kg but she's got lymphoma and should be 3.5 to 3.6 kg ideally. So your cat is almost as heavy as our 2 cats put together !!!

    Good luck on your 1/2 marathon. I thought you'd manage a full one. You know they're called Snickers now, don't you
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    Haha cheers frim. Mate I’m not really made for running Bouncer cat for the pond half marathon to me is harder then a marathon to a runner for sure Bouncer cat for the pond

    I was told he was under weight when I got him and he was 6.6 kg he’s just a big cat very long. When I took him for his booster the vet weighed him straight away and said it’s the biggest domestic cat that’s not overweight that she has seen.

    Funny though as he does sit over the pond so probably a good deterrent to a heron it has to be! He lays there most of the day to basking Bouncer cat for the pond

    A cats life !

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