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    Keeping filter bacteria alive whilst fixing pond

    Hi, it looks like I have a leak in my 1,000 gal pond. A week or so ago I did a water change to 32" deep. Since then it's gone down by an inch/day, now at 25". I did a slight refresh at 26" and refilled to the same level. I'm waiting for it to level out but it looks like I'm going to need a new box liner. That deep down I don't want to have to keep draining if the patch doesn't work. It's stressful for the fish. It's not a couple of hours job so my question is if I use the pond water to fill the paddling pool [intex] used just for fish or my foldup quarantine tank I have. Dig out one of the two linked filter boxes - Oase filtoclear 30,000 and run this through the paddling pool. Can I put the filter sponges from my 2nd filter box, [ Saving me having to dig that out and connect it up], directly into the pond with aeration, would this keep the bacteria that's on the filter sponges that are in the pond - alive? Thanks

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    Short answer - yes.

    Longer answer - ideally suspend them above an air stone or where they are in moving water returning from the pump and they'll continue to do their nitrifying stuff.

    More general answer, not necessarily for you, but for anyone else wanting to preserve the bugs on other types of media while their fish are in a temporary home - put it in a net bag and hang it as above.

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    Thanks for that, its reassuring that I will be doing the right thing.

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