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Thread: water clarity

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    water clarity

    noticed a massive improvement in the pond water clarity past few months, fish still active and feeding quite well, i am feeding less (twice a day as opposed 3) but not enough to make such a difference, what seems to of made the difference is slowing down the pumps..... i am turning the pond over around once an hour still however the water looks amazing..... its covered still so not getting any airbourne pollen and particles blowing in but i am surprised how clear it is..... i have purged the pipework just to check there is not an amount of crap sitting in the pipework but its surprisingly clean, i think i was guilty of overworking the pumps, bio and drum...... think i fell in the trap of thinking that turning over more water per hour was good where it might actually not be...... i will see how things go come spring and summer but thinking differently at the moment..... all water perameters are spot on, lack of sunshine in the water helping no doubt but i am covered with a pergola so direct sunlight minimal anyway.... running 2 x 20k pumps one at 45% one at 30%

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    Was just thinking the same, much much clearer, I. Put it down to much less food, they have only had a couple of handfuls in the last 2 months. Same as you Smartin pumps both turned down running at 110 watts total and polycarbonate covers. It was a bit warmer today so thought I would give them some air currently only 7 degrees.

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    water quality is easier in winter with food rates low and fish not so active.

    once summer gets here the fish are usually constantly grazing the pond walls, eating 10 times more food, and crapping it all out making a mess

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