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    Heating: What temp this winter?

    Hi all.

    I usually heat to 14 degrees each winter but this year I'm thinking of reducing the temp due to the crazy energy prices. I'm not interested in growth, just happy comfortable fish without breaking the bank.

    What minimum temp would you recommend before fish wellbeing and comfort is affected? What temps will you heat too this winter?


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    Hi, do you think that is best , i always go at 18 but this year with the cost i will be at 12 till march then back up to 18 .Between 12.5 and 17.5 is a waste of time and money. If you are going to heat try 8 to 12 and save the money for the summer time when you can do some good .

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    8 degrees. Safe for my fish. They won’t be too miserable at that and no nasty bills

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    Loads of threads on this at the moment and the main thing is if you heat , heat above 18 or let it drop right down . At 14 that is perfect for the parasites to grow and fish are down on immune systems

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