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    Distilled or filtered water (non-koi related)

    sorry guys, a bit of a random one.

    I have an automatic candy floss vending machine & it uses water to clean & humidify at high temps.

    Being in a hard water area the venue doesn't have a filter and the nozzles are lasting about 10 days before getting scaled up (think of it like a constant kettle going) at times

    It uses approximately 25-40 litres a week (filling a 25litre bottle), we thought we found a solution of using deionised water at 3.5p a litre, but have now been told by the company that it can be aggressive on certain metals.

    So back to the drawing board, is there anywhere that sells "cheap" distilled/filtered water or would spring water be better, guessing it all depends on calcium content?

    Can get 2 litre bottles of spring water for like 20p from some supermarkets.

    the water supply is West Croydon Lower and i'm assuming the main item i should be looking at is the calcium levels which states 292ppm (this is 292 mg/l converted i THINK!)

    just looking at some cheap spring water, it says it has these values:
    Mineral Analysis Typical Values mg/L
    Calcium 19
    Magnesium 7
    Sodium 11
    Potassium 3
    Bicarbonate 55
    Sulphate 14
    Chloride 15
    Nitrate 20
    Dry Residue at 180įC 110
    pH at Source 6.4

    I can't get a filter installed at the venue, so looking at those numbers would spring water be the better option?
    or do you have any other suggestions for pre-purchased suitable water?

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    what about RO water that window cleaners use??

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    Quote Originally Posted by deejaysmi View Post
    what about RO water that window cleaners use??
    I think that's the deionized water, we had it all sorted from a filling station locally cheap at 3.5p a litte but then they said about it being aggressive on certain metals.
    If RO is different to that, then perhaps an option.

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