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Thread: New price cap

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    New price cap

    Morning all hope you all are ok,I've just got the new energy rates for the 2 year price cap , standing change going down a penny whoopdedo New price capand electric going up seven pence a kwh. Just put the meter back on the pond to see what it's going to costing me turned one air pump off and the UV as pond is covered and winter covers will be going on soon how's yours looking.

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    I've seen a saving already just by turning the uv off for a few days at a time . So come winter when it's off altogether should save . I've only got a 10k pump on the pond at the moment but still in planning for adding a airlift return

    so I'll only have
    1 air pump full time
    1 uv half time

    Should hopefully bring the running costs right down

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    Iím working on trying to bring running costs down through newer/eco equipment and using timers,never turned uv off in winter before if Iím honest,Iím going to change my switch boxes out for those with timers and run the uv and 1 air pump on timers,might even try uv off altogether as above and see how I go?
    Iíve changed the pump for a superfish vario eco 20000 so hopefully Iíll be able to get away with just running that and 1 air pump for the nexus and then the uv as and when and it shouldnít be too bad

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    Got the running cost of the pond on the new price cap with UV and one air pump off,and it's £2.34 a day so not too bad New price cap

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