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    enriching environment and food

    Hi I have 3 koi in a 4 ft deep concrete tank. I feel sorry for them because I think it must be a bit boring for them. I bought some big plastic pondweed plants because they seem to destroy anything living.

    I want to make their lives more interesting but I don't know how. They are quite big - may a foot and a half long - so I don't know what to give them to play with or make life more interesting, I thought maybe something to swim through but as I said they're quite big.

    Food wise I give them, as well as their pellets, snails from the garden (I shell the big ones), half corn cobs that somehow they manage to get the kernels off, wedges of oranges that they chase around and love, I've had intermittent success with lettuce and still haven't really worked out which ones if any they like. They won't eat chinese leaf. and they don't like carrot. If anyone else has any ideas of things I can do to make their lives better I'd love to hear them.

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    Kids ball pit play balls but I would change them out so offen ad Water can get in the middle and turn rank

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    I wouldn't feed snails. They carry all sorts of bacteria and parasites and sooner or later a bad one will cause problems with the potential to spread disease.

    Earth Worms are much better.

    All Koi really need is company with other Koi, which yours have got, and in my opinion moving water - something for them to swim against to keep them active and healthy.

    Beyond that it sounds like you are doing everything right by giving them different and interesting foods.

    Some more foods you could try include:

    Cheerios (breafkast cereal)
    Defrosted frozen mussels (big bags of them cheap from farm foods, especially on a multi bag deal).
    Dried Mealworm.

    Keep an eye on water temperatures when feeding different foods - keep dried foods like the cheerios and mealworms for warmer temperatures, but the mussels are good all year round.
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    thank you for that. My pond actually does have a setting that would enable a flow of water for them to swim against but I've never used it so I will see if I can do that. And I never thought of cheerios though I think mine would eat any breakfast cereal with relish.



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