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    Do you have a skimmer line

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    I don't have an integrated skimmer, only a basic Oase Skimmer ... recently I tried A "Swim-Skim 25" but it was a P.I.T.A. and killed one of my smaller koi. Luckily the local shop were sypathetic to my grievance and gave me a full refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markp View Post
    Ok - I have setup a paddling pool and pumped out water so the level was 40cm from the top at 19:00…

    At 22:00 the level hadn’t changed and hopefully it won’t drop overnight … i will report back tomorrow
    only thing, please double check the chlorine on that, i saw a post on facebook group, someone got their old paddling pool and filled it up with pond water not cleaning the previous chlorine out and killed about 20 fish.

    Quote Originally Posted by markp View Post
    So after 15 hours the level hasn't moved - I am now confident it is in the top 40cm and I believe it is one of the joins in the corner. I have been told this is fixable using somethin like Gold Label Sealer + a patch.
    personally if they've done all corners, i'd look to drain the whole thing and replaced the whole liner or at least patch all the corners from top to bottom

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    One tip somebody on here gave me was to pour a small ammount of milk in the area where you suspect the leak . You`ll see the cloud being sucked into the hole !

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