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    Post Cichlids and koi carp together?

    The aquarium store where I purchased my 4-5,3-inch koi carps owes me money, but the only fish worth that much money right now are cichlids. Would it be a problem if I spent that money to buy a few cichlids and kept them in my tank with the koi carp? I mean, I read online that cichlids, in general, are aggressive and have different temperature requirements from koi carps. However, I've also heard from other people who say it's okay to mix the two species as long as the cichlids are smaller in size and don't fit the koi's mouth.

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    I would say they are not at all compatible despite what others may claim.

    Even if they don't eat each-other, how will you treat for parasites when the treatment regimes are different for the two fish types?

    Cichlids also thrive in warmer temperatures than Koi.

    You didn't mention how big your tank is but Koi produce a lot of waste as they grow and need a lot of water volume and filtration compared to Cichlids. Koi can survive in smaller volumes but for them to thrive long term without huge amounts of ongoing maintenance and to grow to their potential (typically 50-70cm) they need lots of water, and it would be almost impossible to change 1000s of litres while temperature matching the new water for the Cichlids.

    Most people on here would tend to aim for 1000 litres of water per adult Koi, and your 4-5 small Koi could easily achieve 45cm+ within 2 years. At that point any smaller Cichlid variety becomes a morning snack.



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