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    Post I'm being incredibly thick, pipe through pond liner for dry mounted pump?

    Right so help me out here guys! lol

    it's an in ground pond, irregular shape 6m x 4m at furthest points.

    think i've decided on dry mounting the 20k vario, which would require the pump to be below water level, to do this will need to go through pond liner.

    QUESTION 1) now i've seen all the install instructions for pond returns, which has the solvent weld connector on the back, but how do i connect a pipe at the front?

    I've stopped myself typing this post numerous times due to me obviously being a div, but alas now it's coming to the time of actually installing so i need an answer! lol

    is it just a matter of solvent welding into the front as well?

    ideally was looking to put the heavy duty flexi (mainly incase i need to drag the BD up for maintenance, thought would be much easier than hard pipe) from retro fit bottom drains into the flange, guessing i can just solvent weld a bit of hard pipe/hose tail into front then connect the flexi to a hosetail?

    also more of a simple question 2) can I link two retrofit bottom drains to the one pump 20k lph?

    not sure if pic will show properly, but it would change if i need to put a shelf in for the pump to sit on or put dry mounted pump in a small pit for maintenance.

    any help appreciated!

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    Hi mate,

    First post for me here but I was in a similar situation with you so I think I can help

    1) You can solvent weld pipes on both sides of the the pond flange connector. What I did was to weld a pipe on the exterior and connect to the pump and a smaller piece on the part that sits in the pond. Then put a a flexi pipe adaptor on the interior piece (solvent weld it) and then connect the flexi all the way to the retro drain.

    2) You could link two retro bottom drains to a single pump but from my experience it is no good. I wouldn't get enough suction and I could see dirt in the pond floor for days.

    My set up is the following:

    a) One bottom drain connected to pump through the wall; straight to a bakki shower and back to the pond. 35k lph pump at 70%

    b) Second bottom drain through the wall gravity fed easy pond then to a static barrel, then split. Half through UV and to the pond, half to a waterfall. 20k lph at 80%

    Not ideal but gets the job done. Pond floor is spotless.

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    thanks for the info regrading the connectors, mind at ease! lol

    as it's an existing pond, making a few modifications to it.

    it will have an intake bay acting as skimmer to feed new vege/bog filter that then overspills into 20ft stream, that'll be running a seperate pump in a vault.

    I'm not sure if 2 retrofit bottom drains is needed, or if 1 really wont be enough.

    i may try with one and if no good add a second with another dry mounted pump.

    it's only going to a nexus 320 auto (it's for parents so want least amount of equipment as possible, so the next issue will be how to connect both pump runs into the nexus! lol)
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    Sounds good. Start with one and see how it goes. For the size of your pond I would say you will probably need two but you never know.

    Keep in mind though; if you go for the option of the second retro to a dry mounted pump, the pump needs to be below water level. Otherwise you will have to prime it every single time you stop the pump for whatever reason.

    2 pumps going into nexus may be an issue. Can it support so much intake?



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