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    Tempest and Easy pod gravity fed after a pump fed Cetus sieve

    Hi all, I have a tricky problem and hoping someone can help me solve the issue. I have a Cetus sieve being pump fed by oase 10000 liter pump that is pumping from a lower pond to top pond. It is situated above the easy pod, the output is level with the easy pod. From the top pond have to retro wooden trains and oase skimmer that is keeping the level of the pond by gravity draining to the lower pond to another sieve and bio chamber barrel that is inside the lower pond. It's difficult for me to clean the easy pod and would have liked to install a tempest filter for water polishing. My idea is to have a t junction from the Cetus sieve which currently has 2 inch pipework to feed the easypod gravity fed. And attach a s line for the tempest with ball valves. Therefore being able too close whichever valve in order to clean easy pod or tempest without switching off the pump and keeping the flow going to either filter depending on which I am cleaning. Because everytime I switch off the pump I have to start this game again by erasing it out and into the water a tough process to do every time to clean the easy pod. I know it's a bit unconventional but I made the set up in order to use only one pump and I want to avoid extra electricity bills. Does the tempest output have to be on the same level as the easy pod inner pipe that exits back into the pond? Do you think this is doable? I would greatly appreciate if anybody can help me with this to complete my setup and make cleaning easier. Thank you!

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    Not 100% sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do as what you have written is a bit odd.

    From the experience I've had with running a strange gravity / pump fed system and also a Tempest I can see 2 possible issues.

    1 - I think you can only pump feed the Tempest as the water goes in to the bottom of it and then comes out of the top. Maybe it is possible to gravity feed it if the water supply to it is coming in from high enough above it to give it enough pressure and flow to work?

    2 - you say you have a problem if you turn the pump off, you have to refill the filter system again to get it going again? What happens when you get a power cut or something stops the water from flowing or the pump stops? Unless you have an NRV in the correct place in your system you will have the same restarting issue?

    Maybe some photos or drawings of your system might help get you some proper answers?
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    Thank you for your reply, I have a solution for the cleaning and starting which I can better explain with a drawing, and also that will show the idea with the tempest. I will get on with that and post it as soon as I have finished it. Many thanks



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