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    Looking for a 'sanity check'

    Hello everyone.

    First of all, apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section (I'm new), and also if you feel that this is a question that you've answered before a dozen times, but I feel that there is a degree of nuance to way in which I am asking the question.

    Okay. Deep breath.

    This is a 'keeping Koi in an aquarium' topic.

    The context
    I kept fish as a kid with my Dad - in more or less every set-up apart from marine aquatics. As an adult with money and my own garden, I am currently in the process of planning my Japanese garden and centre-piece Koi pond. My aim is to have the pond completed by next spring.

    The idea
    I've been away from fish keeping for a long time and I'm concerned about going back in at the deep end with this pond. I have a few ideas that I'd like to test on a small-scale first: such as an edible garden bed filter, and using solar for elements of the lighting and filtration. I'd also like to raise my Koi from very small fry.

    The question

    I have recently acquired a 340 litre (75 gallon) aquarium, and I'd like to grow-on half a dozen Koi fry over the winter, with the intent of putting them into my pond when it's finished next spring. Is this a feasible idea, or am I going to permanently stunt the growth of these Koi by doing this?

    Apologies for asking this - but the internet is a minefield of opinions about this, that range from the 'it's possible if you understand the needs of Koi' to 'it's impossible, Koi are for ponds, period.'

    Should I even bother?

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    Yes why not mate there is loads of people who will help you in your build and the fry will live happy in there I would say

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    Welcome and don't worried we are all a family here

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