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Thread: Heat Pump

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    Heat Pump

    whats the correct way to set the by pass valve on a thermo tec pool heater. Do you restrict the water going in or out and what should the the diference in water temperature be between in and out. i have it set to heat to 15 and it doesnt go off when it reaches temperature.

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    I have mine set for about 1C delta in/out.
    I also adjusted the H35 parameter down to the minimum setting 1 degree I think.
    I have seen it elsewhere on modern heatpumpsto just run them at full bore but I have gone with the older thinking.
    If the flow is a bit low and you get an ee03 error low water pressure. Then a bit of back pressure from a valve on the outlet can help.
    Settings is locked on mine use code 22 to access.
    Would be interested in others views mine is quite new so not fully up to speed with it.

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    Hi Paul,
    just ensure you have enough water going into the pump else you will get error messages, i guess you have enough as you have not said otherwise, just balance the flow with the bypass and the pond return..... mine will run on to say 17.1c before it shuts down when set to 17c, it will restart when temp on heat pump shows at 15.9c / 16c roughly, pumps usually work to 1 degree perameters.....i believe the thermotec inverter versions can be set up to .5 of a degree set temps. to add i am unsure of the running modes you have, mine is an Astral pro elyo touch and has 3 modes turbo, smart and silent, i find the smart setting is best as it runs more efficiently, in warmer weather i will run in silent mode as it wont have to work so hard to absorb heat out of the atmosphere thus being even more efficient....i expect yours does the same in this cold weather powerful or turbo modes are not the best way to run the pumps so i am informed by a chap at the heatpump4pools.com who sell koi units....
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    Thanks for replies. How do i change the pump mode from turbo or powerful.

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    what do you mean please by saying you have yours set for 1c delta in out

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul1960 View Post
    what do you mean please by saying you have yours set for 1c delta in out
    it's the difference between the temperatrure of the water flowing in and out of the heat pump.
    usually want's to be between 1°C - 2°C for the heat pump to work at it's best.

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    Thanks. thought it was that, so hows the best way to achieve that then.

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    Paul, just adjust the flow through the ASHP until your output is consistently 1c higher out of it than coming in. Top right of home screen shows you in/out temperature, IIRC, so just use that. Use your bypass valves or your vari pump, if you have one, to raise or lower the flow. Slower the flow = warmer, faster the flow = cooler.



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