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    Leaking Pump- any ideas

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could give any advice regarding a leaking pump (Oase Aquamax 5500 as pictured).

    The connectors that are covered in the PTFE tape are where the leaks are present. Unsure why itís leaking- is there anything obvious Iím missing, and any tips for fixing as rather not have to buy a whole new pump. This is a second hand pump that came with an Easypod that was in use until shortly before I bought it and presumed working. Running on a gravity fed system- situated after pod and before UV clarifier. Yet to fully run system due to this leak becoming apparent last minute.

    Appreciate any help greatly,



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    the threads are parallel not tapered, and would usually seat against a rubber washer.
    you can get a parallel thread to hold but you need a lot of PTFE tape, or if it is still fairly loose some PTFE string as well (locktite 55)

    you could also try to make the ptfe thicker at the back of the thread where the flange is in the first pic so it seals against the flange.

    if it were me i'd get rid of the globe looking elbow thingy and buy a threaded PVC union or elbow fitting to go direct onto the pump.

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    I used to run aqua Max’s years ago and those ball fitting in your picture were for wet running (under water), when using dry fit straight into the thread like you have on the inlet.
    if the thread is damaged you could use a rubber boot

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    Take fittings off wrap threads with plenty of ptfe tape and use rubber straight connectors instead of threaded fittings

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    i would get a proper fitting and ditch the ball

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    Leaking Pump- any ideas

    Thank you all- all sorted. Appreciate the help :-)
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